Liza Bruce


Training Specialist Sr
VCU Health System

Relationship building is at the heart of Liza’s life. Whether training team members of the VCU Health System, helping in the community or keeping up with old friends and making new ones, people are Liza’s number one priority.

For her, the key to relationship building is ensuring that everyone is included, listened to, respected and appreciated. Liza’s philosophy and the mission of the VABLN are wonderfully connected. “I have been a person both with and without eyesight during my career,” explains Liza. “Having this uncommon experience has given me significant insight that I like to share with others as to the interesting challenges and wonderful opportunities that come with employing individuals with disabilities.”

After losing her sight, Liza took up hang-gliding and bicycling. She has flown tandem on more than 40 hang-gliding flights and she pedaled 2,300 miles in her first year of riding on a tandem bicycle. Liza is a member of the Project SEARCH Advisory Board, a member of the VCU ACCESS Advisory Committee, and she is President of the Virginia Voice Board of Directors. As a transplant recipient and Graduate Field Representative for Leader Dogs for the Blind, Liza and her Leader Dog, Cooper, give educational and motivational presentations to corporations, service and professional organizations, colleges, Scout troops, and elementary schools.