Wendy Stone



Being new to the Richmond area, Wendy wanted to get involved in a volunteer opportunity. Because she works for a human resources consulting firm that deals with employment issues, she thought the VABLN would be a good fit with her occupation.

Wendy also has “a heart” for people who have disabilities. She developed a new appreciation for the challenges that individuals with disabilities face when she was unable to walk for three months due to a severe leg fracture.

“The experience helped me to see how much my life had changed due to my temporary disability,” she explains. “It really made me appreciate how fortunate I have been and would like to give back any way I can.”

Having been adopted at birth, Wendy was able to meet her birth mother later in life, and she says that it “was a great experience.” As a lover of the outdoors, Wendy enjoys snow skiing and hiking, and she did a “fourteener” when she lived in Colorado. Wendy is also a lover of animals, and has two beloved rescue dogs, Lydia and Phede.