Matthew Shapiro


Disability Advocate

Matthew got involved with the VABLN as a result of his participation on the USBLN Student Advisory Council. Matthew was invited to be a student advisor for the USBLN in 2013, and student advisors are asked to get involved with the local affiliate chapters. Matthew was glad to do this as he is passionate about employment for everyone.

“Employment for people with disabilities is important to me because everyone in society needs to be given an opportunity to show that they can get involved in the workforce, and this includes people with disabilities,” says Matthew. “I want employers to hire people with disabilities based on their talents and be able to look past some of the struggles they may face in the work world. ALL should have a chance to work.”

Having a great interest in state and local politics, Matthew has interned at both the White House and the Virginia General Assembly. As a huge sports fan, Matthew follows his favorite teams including the Chicago Cubs, Washington Redskins, VCU Ram basketball, all UVA sports and the Washington Wizards. Another favorite in Matthew’s life is his dog named “The VP” which is short for Vice Puppy.